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Roman Coin Pendant Necklace

Feeling inspired while sifting through antique coins, Valerie reimagined this old-world coin as a pendant; a way to adorn yourself with the riches of the past but in gold. The antiquity of the original coin can be dated to 400 BCE and shows a volute krater (used in ancient times for mixing wine and water) on one side, and young Dionysos with an ivy wreath on the other side. This is a very limited run of authentically replicated Roman coins cast in solid 14K gold (and makes for a solid, heavy, and satisfying medallion pendant). Guaranteed to be one of the most unique pieces of jewelry you'll own! 

- Coin type: Replica of a silver obol of Lamia in Thessaly, 400-334 BCE. (original coin shown in the video)
- Pendant diameter: approximately 15mm, Source for coin info
- Made in solid 14K gold; two-sided for additional versatility
- Available on a 1.5mm cable chain
- Styled with our Bar Link Necklace 


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