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Heirloom Diamond Reworks

What is it?

What is it?

We are excited to offer heirloom diamond reworks to our clients. We would love to help you use the diamonds that have been passed down or gifted to you and set them in one of our engagement ring settings, provided they meet certain conditions. Heirloom reworks are either deconstructed from an original ring or set with a loose heirloom diamond into a modern VM setting. This process renews a sentimental piece of history into a contemporary style making them easy to integrate with your unique personality. It is also the most sustainable choice for an engagement ring when set in our recycled metals.

Diamond Requirements

Diamond Requirements

  • 0.50ct or larger
  • SI2 or higher clarity
  • must have been passed down or gifted to you, we do not set diamonds purchased online
  • can either be loose or in an existing mounting
  • third-party appraisals are preferred but not a requirement
How does it work?

How does it work?

  1. Contact us to set-up an in-person or phone appointment to discuss your rework and talk to our Staff Gemologist to see if your stone is a good candidate for a rework.
  2. If your diamond is determined to be a good fit, our Staff Gemologist will conduct an In-House Assessment. This step ensures it will be safe to proceed, it is not a guarantee we will be able to use your diamond.
  3. If the diamond passes the in-person assessment, the next step is to confirm details of the setting and sign the Heirloom Rework Liability contract. We take every measure to ensure it's safety along the way.
  4. Once approved, you will pay the deposit for the rework and any applicable fees.We will proceed with unsetting your stone (if necessary), sending you CAD designs for approval and casting and setting the new ring!
  5. After 6-8 weeks, the ring is completed and ready to enjoy! You may choose to add-on an appraisal if you wish. (Note that all unused metal and small accent diamonds will be returned to you.)


How much does it cost?

Custom Heirloom Reworks start at $1,800 - most reworks are $2,500-$6,000

Is my diamond a good contender?

We accept reworks on a limited case-by-case basis. If your diamond meets the criteria listed above it is not a guarantee we will be able to create a rework for you. However, our team will be transparent with you.

How long does it take?

Heirloom reworks take our standard 6-8 weeks.

Can you use my accent diamonds or melee?

Unfortunately, we are unable to use stones smaller than 0.50ct. Any accent stones will be returned to you.

Do you re-use my gold?

All original metals will be returned to you. We don't specialize in refining metals - the process of melting them down.

Can we do this process if I'm not in Seattle?

Yes! We can definitely work with you remotely. You will be responsible for shipping your ring / diamond at your cost.

Are there additional fees?

If your stone requires further assessment, we will discuss an additional non-refundable assessment fee. An optional appraisal ($150) can be purchased separately.

Will the rework come with an appraisal?

Appraisals often required by insurance companies and are conducted by our Staff Gemologist for $175. Appraisals add 1 week to the completion time.

Can you set a diamond a bought online?

We do not sell our settings separately, Heirloom Reworks are a way to combine our expertise with your sentimental stones, please respect the artisanship of our work.