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Diamonds 101 - The 4 C's

Do you feel overwhelmed in your search for the perfect diamond? We know there is an abundance of information on the internet but our expert team at Valerie Madison is here to help guide you through the vocabulary of diamond selection and teach you everything you need to know about the 4 C's: Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color.


The first C that may come to your mind is Carat i.e. the unit of measurement that describes a diamond's weight. Carat weight is a preference and does not determine the beauty of the stone, the size you desire for your ring is completely up to you! 


Diamonds are best known for their trademark sparkle which is the result of their Cut i.e. the diamond’s shape, polish, and symmetry. Centuries of artistry go into the process of transforming a rough diamond into a well-cut polished masterpiece. At Valerie Madison, we hold our diamond cuts to the highest of standards to ensure maximum brilliance.


You may have heard of inclusions in a diamond, that’s where Clarity comes into play. To the naked eye, it can be hard to check a diamond’s clarity as some flaws are only visible when viewed under a microscope and not all inclusions are created equally. At Valerie Madison, we help you find eye-clean diamonds that don’t impact the beauty of your stone.  


One of our favorite Cs to educate our clients on is color! Diamonds have a wide range of colors but a majority are graded colorless, yellow, or light brown. The most popular colors we sell at Valerie Madison are M color or better, depending on preference. Lately we’ve seen a resurgence in popularity of antique stones which are typically on the warmer scale. The color you select will be personal and beautiful to you, whether it’s a bright white diamond or one with a vintage warmth.

We hope you feel more comfortable discussing the 4Cs after reading our guide. While it’s important to take these features into account when choosing your stone, don’t let yourself be limited to a paper grading and remember that your intuition will be the best indicator of the diamond that is meant for you.

At Valerie Madison, we handpick our diamonds from reputable vendors who adhere to the Kimberly Process to ensure your diamond is ethically sourced. Sourcing diamonds can be very nuanced and we are here to help you the right stone to fit your individual preferences, budget, and timeline. If you have any questions or are ready to get started on a custom diamond engagement ring, please reach out to us at or schedule an appointment.


Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are $250 away from free shipping.
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