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Ring Sizers

Determine your ring size in the most accurate way possible - with the same exact ring sizers we use here in the VM studio! These are the best quality and most precise sizing tools that will ensure the best fit (compared to other methods and brands we've seen online which are seldom as accurate). Since narrower rings fit differently than wider rings, we have two options to choose from to give you the best fit. Wider rings fit snugger than narrower rings so please be sure to purchase the correct sizer(s) depending on your needs.

Two sizers are available:

  • Skinny: for narrower rings and bands that are up to 3mm wide
    • For medium width rings (4mm) we suggest sizing up 1/4 to 1/2 size from the measured size.
  • Wide: for wider rings and bands that are 5mm and up
    • For extra wide rings (7mm-8mm), we recommend adding at least 1/4 size to your measured size because the wide width feels even snugger.

Keep scrolling down to read our sizing tips or learn about our ring resizing services here. Ring sizers are final sale. 

We understand that these sizers are a bit of an investment but they are the best way to get your perfect size the first time with costly resizing in the future. Keep them around to size your other fingers in the future or help your friends and family find their accurate ring sizes, too. 

These sizers ship for free within the U.S. via FedEx 2-day shipping. 

Sizer Type

How to Find your ring size

1. Only you can determine what fits you absolutely best. A ring should slide on fairly easily and have some resistance when taking it off over the knuckle. 

2. Your finger should feel no tightness while wearing a ring. No one else should be able to pull your ring off easily but it shouldn't be difficult for you personally to remove.

3. Wide rings fit more snugly than narrower rings. We recommend using the appropriate ring sizer width to find your size or try adding ¼-½ size to measurements taken with a narrow ring sizer. When in doubt, give us a call and we can help make a recommendation. 

4. It’s not unusual for rings to fit differently through the day or in different seasons, depending on where you live. Your ring may fit snuggly in the heat and it may spin loosely in the colder winter months.

Factors that affect ring size

Due to fluctuations in blood circulation, our fingers are fuller when our body temperature is highest and narrower when our temperature is lowest. 

If you live in an area with strong differences between seasonal temperatures, you may find that your fingers are skinnier in the winter time and more full in the summer time. It's not uncommon for finger sizes to change 1/4-1/2 ring size so opt for your largest finger size to accommodate the warmest times of year and just be conscious that there just may be some times of year where your ring fits more perfectly than others. 

Diet and time of day
it's not uncommon to wake up with fingers feeling swollen, especially if you had a salty meal for dinner the night before. The best time to have your fingers sized is late afternoon when you may be more hydrated and body changes are most likely to be stable. 

Activity level
Ever notice your fingers swelling after a long walk or workout? That's your circulatory system properly working and pushing blood into your extremities and fingertips. We don't recommend wearing jewelry during exercise but we understand that it happens sometimes and you want to be sized in a way that will allow for these changes.

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