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Meet the Valerie Madison team

meet the valerie madison team

Valerie Madison, Owner

Valerie Madison

Owner & Designer

I love my job, especially when choosing gemstones! I hand-select every stone you see in our designs with beauty and quality being my top considerations. I have a degree in Environmental Science & Resource Management making me a great advocate for our planet. I also enjoy shopping for leopard-print tops, collecting fossils and crystals, practicing my Spanish, and tending to my indoor jungle at home.

Liz, Head of Sales Extraordinaire

Liz Ferris

Head of Sales, Assistant Store Manager

I lead our Sales Team and am the Assistant Store Manager for our charming Madrona showroom. I met Valerie in 2017 and joined her as employee #2 just shortly after, it’s been an incredible experience to see the VM brand grow through the years. When I’m not at work I love reading and cuddling my kitties Theodore & Beatrix.

Lauren, sales associate

Lauren Forbes

Gemologist, Sales Associate

I am the staff gemologist (aka gem nerd) and sales associate who can help answer all your jewelry questions, write your appraisal, or source the perfect stone for your ring.  When I’m not in the studio you can find me teaching fitness classes, making Spotify playlists, writing, or watching the newest episode of Dateline.  

Nina Hartman

Bench Jeweler

I am quiet, dedicated, and passionate about working with my hands. I wake up every day excited to put all my love and positivity into the things I make. I’ve lived in Seattle most of my life, except for the 4 years I spent at the Rhode Island School of Design. When I’m not making jewelry, I run, bike, knit, play piano, and drink caffeinated beverages. Sometimes I’m a little too serious.

Saraya, shipping coordinator

Saraya Ittidecharchoti

Operations Coordinator

I keep track of inventory and ship your orders! A few things I enjoy include curating my wardrobe, making clothes and plant care. You can find me cutting up my old bed sheet to sew into pants or rotating my begonia collection for maximum sun!

Charlotte, bench jeweler

Charlotte Muller

Bench Jeweler

I make the shiny stuff. When I’m not goldsmithing for Valerie Madison or working in my own jewelry studio, I’m either DIY renovating my mid-mod dream house or in my kitchen testing new recipes. I couldn’t remain at the top of my game in every way without the support of my handsome cat, clever dachshund puppy and my amazing husband to be.

Oryx, head of marketing

Oryx Fairbanks

Marketing Manager

Powered by creativity. Driven by data. I'm a marketing manager who believes in customer-centric storytelling across media formats and channels. In my spare time you’ll find me drawing, cooking, running and petting every cat I meet on my walk home. 

Laura, content creator

Laura O'Clair

Content Creator

I get to take pictures of sparkly things for a living! Each day I wake up feeling blessed, with the intention of bringing more beauty into the world through my work at VM. I focus on contributing in creative and playful ways that add value to the company. After hours, my time is spent going on spontaneous adventures and decorating unconventional cakes for friends and family.