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An In Depth Look at our Custom Order Process

You've found your person; your ride-or-die, your one true love. You're considering choosing a ring to propose to your better half with and you may have liked what you've seen on our site but you may be considering options for how to make the ring as special and unique as your boo. We would be absolutely delighted to help you customize one of our styles or create something new to really wow your Beloved and make a quality heirloom piece for them to wear every day.  

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We've been fortunate to work with many couples near and far (take a look at our awesome reviews here). We can customize just about any of our current engagement ring styles including using a different gem, color, shape, metal, etc. Some of our rarer diamonds and gems are one-of-a-kind but we can usually find you something similar. We enjoy creating a straightforward and minimal stress experience for our clients so that they can focus on the ring and upcoming proposal while we focus on the many little details that go into creating a beautiful ring.


Valerie Madison Seattle Jewelry StudioIf you're in Seattle or will be traveling here soon, we invite you to come to our jewelry studio. Schedule an appointment with Valerie to talk about your engagement ring needs and she'll show you some examples of our current styles that we can blend with your requests. In your 30 minute appointment, Valerie can show you diamonds and gemstones that we currently have in stock to use for a custom order right away or she can talk to you about sourcing the perfect gem*. Using ring samples in the studio and Valerie's visual thinking and quick sketches, you'll leave the consultation with a general design direction based on your requests and information on next steps. 

Completely new to the process? Don't worry
— Valerie can teach you about carats vs. karats, recommend designs that would be best for your lifestyle and activity level, and help you understand what gems and ring settings could be the right fit for you.

Not in Seattle? We work with many clients remotely using email, phone, photos, and videos to help you make the best choices even from afar and will continue using these methods with you to be transparent about the process. 

To prepare for your consultation, it's good to have a clear idea in mind for:

  • Your general design wants and needs
  • Ring size (if choosing a ring as a surprise for your partner)
  • Timeline (ideally 8 weeks out or more)
  • Budget (custom orders start at $2,500 and it is helpful to know your budget so that we don't show you anything over your budget. Most of our custom orders are more commonly $3K and up)

*Please note that our current product time for custom orders is 6-8 weeks which may vary depending on how complex the diamond or gem search is.


Salt and pepper diamondsAfter landing on a general design direction as part of the initial design consultation, part of the fun in customizing your engagement ring is hand-selecting the very gem you or your partner will be wearing in the near future. We have gems to choose from in our studio but if you go the custom sourcing* route, we'll spend a week or two searching our network to find your dream gem. If you're local, you can visit our studio again to choose from a small selection of sourced gems in person, cradle them in your fingers, and choose the one that speaks loudest to you. Valerie can help your examine the gem under a gem light and point out any noteworthy characteristics of the gem. We are ready to move forward with next steps as soon as you select your gem. 
*We ask for a 25% refundable custom sourcing deposit to begin any requests for custom sourcing from our network of gemstone and diamond dealers. This deposit is refundable in the event we are not able to source your perfect stone. The deposit amount is based on a general estimate of the final cost. 


CAD jewelry modelingNow that you've chosen your design and the gem that will be set in it, Valerie will be able to start with true designing now that we have the shape and dimensions to work around. It is at this point that we ask for a 50% nonrefundable deposit* via an online invoice (which can be paid for with a debit/credit card or Paypal) to get started with your custom order. You will have digital mock-ups (called CAD renderings) of your ring to review and approve via email within about 1 week. If you are local, this is optional, but you are welcome to see the physical wax model in person before we commit to casting it in the metal of your choice (14K, 18K, or platinum). Viewing the wax in person does halt production so expect 1-2 weeks added to the overall production time.

* This 50% nonrefundable deposit will take into account any previous sourcing deposits you have paid. 


Stone settingOnce you approve the CAD renderings that we'll email for your review,  the design becomes final and we will cast the ring the 100% recycled metal of your choice (14K, 18K, or platinum). Over the next few weeks we will be casting, casting, polishing, and setting stones by our master stonesetter here in Seattle. We will send you an update when the ring is completely finished.


Seattle jewelry designerYour final balance  is due before the ring is delivered. If you're local, you'll be invited to pick up your ring in person. If you are working with us remotely, we will send you photos/video of your ring.

Congratulations! We will provide you with a lovely ring box, ring material documentation, information on our warranty, care and cleaning, and if you want an appraisal, let us know ahead of time and we can coordinate that for you. You now have a unique and beautiful heirloom custom ring. We'll be happy to offer complimentary cleanings and check-ups on your ring for a lifetime.

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