Heirloom Diamond Reworks

We are excited to offer heirloom diamond reworks to our offerings at Valerie Madison Fine Jewelry. We would love to help you use the diamonds that have been passed down or gifted to you to set them in one of our engagement ring settings, provided they meet certain conditions. 

Stones we accept:

We accept diamonds only. Each must be 0.50 carat or larger, SI2 or higher clarity, and must be individually assessed by a qualified jewelry appraiser or graduate gemologist within the last 5 years (with plotting preferred). With prior consent and a signed contract, diamonds may be delivered to us along with their printed or PDF analysis so that we may review if they will be a suitable match for our mountings. 

While we take all precautions to ensure safety and security, there is inherent risk in handling and setting diamonds into redesigned rings although problems are rare. We only work with a customer's diamonds with the express understanding that we are not liable for any damage, loss, or any other potential danger. We strongly recommend that customers carry personal jewelry insurance for their high value items, and that they understand the coverage deductibles and exclusions. 

Other important info:

- Custom reworks start at $1600
- Heirloom reworks will be accepted on a very limited case-by-case basis
- Turnaround time for custom orders is 6-8 weeks
- We are unable to use stones smaller than 0.50 carat
- All original metals will be returned to the customer and cannot be melted down and repurposed for new rings.
- We do not work with lab grown diamonds
- If working together remotely, customer will be responsible for shipping their stone to us at their cost

Questions? Use the contact form below to get in touch regarding your custom rework. 

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