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What is a Rose Cut Diamond?

July 05, 2019 2 min read

What is a rose cute diamond?

A Guide to Brilliant Cut vs Rose Cut Diamonds

This guide will help you understand what makes a rose cut diamond special and if they are the right choice for you. For a more general introduction to diamonds check out our Diamonds 101 Guide. They are one of our favorite cuts to work with because of their romantic, vintage vibe. Rose cut diamonds were first popular in Georgian and Victorian era jewelry so they are the perfect cut for those who favor antique-inspired styles.  

Rose cut diamond rings

The term "rose cut" alludes to a type of faceting pattern that features a flat base and a faceted domed profile. Round rose cut diamonds usually have 24 facets. This contrasts with traditional "brilliant cut" gems that have a pointed bottom (pavilion) and taller profile. Round brilliant cut diamonds usually have 58 facets. 

Rose cut vs Brilliant cut diamond

rose cut vs brilliant cutThe History of Rose Cut Diamonds

The first diamonds were more or less kept in their rough crystal form, occasionally shaped by chipping away at it by hand. Diamond cutting techniques progressed and the original rose cuts were created more than 500 years ago, named for the petal-like layout of surface facets. Because they were originally cut by hand, antique rose cut diamonds were not typically perfectly round but even a few facets on a diamond will lead to better light refraction and more sparkle than a rough diamond. As new diamond cutting technologies formed, Old Mine Cuts, Old European Cuts, and eventually Brilliant Cuts became the norm, especially with the advent of brighter indoor lighting options and inventions like LED lights. 

Its all about optics

Rose cut diamonds have a different type of light return because their shallower depth limits light refraction. They are available in a variety of shapes but are most commonly cut and available in round shapes. Because they are flatter, they usually have more "spread" than a brilliant cut which means that you see more of the diamond's carat facing up compared to brilliants cuts of the same size which store some of the weight in the pavilion. 

Rose cut moissanites

Rose cut diamonds have seen a resurgence in popularity because they offer a different look compared to brilliant cuts. They are available in classic colorless options as well as champagne, browns, fancy colors, and "salt and pepper". Rose cuts are now becoming more available in other gem choices like sapphire which comes in an array of colors.
Rose Cut Sapphire Engagement Ring Vintage Inspired

Should you choose a rose cut diamond?



No pavilion means a significantly lower profile.

 Less light refraction compared to a brilliant cut

Softer sparkle, best in incandescent light

 Softer sparkle, best in incandescent light

Usually less expensive than brilliant cuts

 May accentuate flaws and inclusions in the stone 

More personality than brilliant cuts

 Easier to detect skin tone through the diamond

Rose cut diamonds are easy to fall in love with and we would be happy to explore options with you if you would like to pursue one for your own custom engagement ring