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Tucson Diary

February 25, 2022 2 min read

Tucson Diary

Earlier in February, our team ventured to Tucson, Arizona where they made a special shopping trip to stock up on diamonds and gemstones for customers to choose from for their custom orders. The Tucson Gem Show is a world-renowned event that happens annually and gathers rock, mineral, fossil, and gemstone aficionados from across the globe. This was the first time Valerie and team were able to visit since pre-pandemic so they were excited to get back to the event. Ask anyone in jewelry and they’ve heard of and/or attended this show. Val, Sue, Lauren, and Nina answer some questions about their trip below so you can get an inside look at the Tucson gem show and what VM is excited to have cooking for you later this year.

It had been a while since you last attended, what were you most looking forward to seeing or doing in Tucson?

The sheer quantity and quality of gem selection is remarkable at Tucson. We never have the ability to source so many options at one time. The ability to connect with our vendors in person who we work with closely over the phone and email throughout the year is also very special. It’s also the opportunity to meet with new vendors, hear their stories, and establish new working relationships. 

What was on your checklist when exploring the show? Any specific shapes or types of stones that were must-haves?

Sapphires are always at the top of our list! We visit a variety of shows to meet with both established vendors and smaller, newer vendors to expand our network and bring our customers the highest quality sapphires.

What was your favorite non-gem-related experience from Tucson? Restaurants, dinos, cafes, etc?

 We always make a point to have a team dinner at Seis Kitchen for delicious tacos and margaritas! Next time we want to check out the Botanical Garden!

Was there anything unexpected that you saw at the show that you were pleased by?

As the jewelry industry becomes more transparent, we’ve seen many vendors offering more clarity on the ‘how and why’ of what they sell as well as highlighting any positive measures they are taking in terms of environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

What are you most excited to have brought home from Tucson?

I always enjoy the thrill of the hunt for interesting mineral and fossil specimens. This year I found some awesome vanadinite pieces just for adding some cool crystal textures to my home. I also found a very cool fossil of a Hyphalosaurus, a lizard that lived 122 million years ago. It’s entombed in a piece of shale so I’m going to mount it up at home in a glass-less frame. Lastly, I brought home a Roman coin from around 400 CE. I’m not sure what I want to do with it but I love collecting little treasures like these from the past.