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The making of a ring

September 09, 2016

The making of a ring

When I first saw this ruby in it's loose form, I was immediately attracted to it's shape and it's rose cut faceting. Pear shapes are such a classic shape and have a very romantic feel to them. Rose cuts are among my favorite types of stones to work with because they usually keep the overall design low-profile, meaning they will bump into less things because they are closer to your body. In keeping with our modern and simple aesthetic, I knew I wanted to set it simply and yet find a way to bring an interesting visual element. After sketching out a few designs, I decided to put an angle on it! 

 I couldn't be more pleased with this simple and elegant design! This natural ruby is from Africa and has a beautiful pinkish red hue that is deeply saturated and looks beautiful as it sparkles in the light. This ring is truly one of a kind and there will never be another exactly like it! 

Ruby Engagement Ring

Ruby Diamond Engagement Ring

Rose Cut Ruby Diamond Ring