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Rings for the Characters of Bridgerton

April 01, 2022 2 min read

Rings for the Characters of Bridgerton

Dearest Gentle Readers,

The ton are abuzz of the latest season of Bridgerton and so it is our honor to recommend to you the most extravagant rings that we think the ladies and gents would don in todays day and age. From bold signet rings fit for a Viscount to precious heirloom quality rings for the diamond of the season. Let us know what you think of the selections.

Yours Truly,

The Ladies of Valerie Madison Fine Jewelry


Kate Bridgerton, Bridgerton

Miss Kate Sharma

Bold, rebellious, and vastly accomplished Kate is never afraid to speak her mind and passionately stand up for her family. We see her wearing our new Stella Teal Sapphire ring. The split shank design is hard to miss but is also exceptionally easy to wear with a multitude of glamorous outfits - though we would suggest leaving your fine jewelry home before embarking on horseback (or other physical activities).

Anthony Bridgerton

Viscount Anthony Bridgerton

Anthony is seen wearing a pinky signet rings in many scenes this season. Signets carry a long history as they were primarily worn by gentlemen in business and used as a way to sign & seal important documents. We envision Anthony rocking our Round Signet.

Daphne Bridgerton

The Duchess of Hastings

Sweet, nurturing, but not afraid of the spotlight, Daphne's personality is perfectly embodied in our Lena ring. The emerald cut is fit for royalty and the dainty diamond accents add an agreeable amount of sparkle that is understated yet luxurious.

The Duke of Hastings

Confident, courageous, and complex. We can't think of a better setting for our beloved Duke than a bold Rey setting with a Salt & Pepper rose cut diamond. It's not too flashy but also anything but average. 

Edwina Sharma, Bridgerton, Triangle Diamond Ring

Miss Edwina Sharma

We had to choose a diamond ring for "the diamond of the season". Edwina style is classic but she's certainly feisty near the end of the season so we think our classic Vera with a triangle diamond is fitting. It also leaves a lot of room for added diamond stacks fit for a princess!

Colin Bridgerton

Colin Bridgerton

The third Bridgerton is adventurous and good-humored. We think he be happiest with a classic gold band. Nothing too fussy to get in the way of his dreams. Something solid and traditional to ground him in reality.

Miss Penelope Featherington

Our dearest Pen is a strong-willed and determined young woman who we feel is a romantic at heart. The vibrant fuchsia of our Zara ring matches her fiery spirit, plus we love the idea of pink for a redhead, it can be unexpectedly flattering!

Benedict Bridgerton

We chose one of our most design-forward rings for the sensitive and artistic Benedict. Our Rey style with a semi-bezel is a modern choice for someone who usually holds back, this ring conveys a multitude of thoughts without having to utter any words.

Miss Eloise Bridgerton

Witty and independent Eloise would most certainly buy herself a ring "just because". We see her in our Hexagon Sapphire Zara with dazzling trillion diamond accents. All the angles of the stones held in place by sharp claw prongs match her essence perfectly.