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Primavera Collection

March 21, 2022 2 min read

Primavera Collection

Springtime is the time for new beginnings, for trying new things, and leaning into your own individuality. Meet our newest collection of engagement rings comprising ourPrimavera Collection.Primavera in Spanish is spring, reminding us of picnics set up on lush green grass with clear skies above and perhaps even of the romantic landscape of Bridgerton, our team's favorite binge-worthy tv show. In Seattle, spring also signals cherry blossom season where the little pink blooms are sprinkled throughout the city. In our collection there are plenty of shades reminiscent of green grass and blue skies seen in our teal sapphires, including one color-changing stone, and blue Zara. There’s even an ode to cherry blossoms in another Zara with a vibrant pink sapphire. 

Lovely Lena

BeforePrimavera there were only two different Lena rings that were made. We hope you enjoy getting to know this signature, vintage-inspired design. Val’s evolved take on a cluster ring, the Lena listens to the shape of the gemstone and aligns dainty diamond clusters on either side of the stone. With an understated sparkle to the ring, Lena makes an heirloom-worthy impression.

Modern Geometry

Hexagons and triangles bring a modern edge to traditional designs. Our Vera Solitaire Diamond ring is a timeless setting.  It is an unforgettable setting made with a sharply-cut and impressive trillion stone set gracefully atop the band with a small basket to elevate your diamond for full stacking potential and some brilliant light return.

Rings with Personality

One of our predictions for 2022 engagement ring trends remains fancy-shaped side stones, and we’ve been seeing these little doses of personalities present in our custom creations over the past months. Part of the Primavera collection celebrates these distinctive design choices with trillion diamonds set on either side of a hexagon ring in a Zara - the step cut facets of the sapphire play so well with the angles of the trillion side diamonds, it’d be tough to find a better match.

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