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Personalized Jewelry: Engrave Your Love Stories in Gold

October 11, 2021 2 min read

Personalized Jewelry: Engrave Your Love Stories in Gold

Jewelry can be a sentimental purchase for endless reasons, whether it’s commemorating the birth of a child, remembering a loved one, marking a wedding day, or all of the events in between. We’ve seen love stories told in jewelry in a wide variety of ways, from gifting birthstone studs, using a family’s heirloom diamond, or spelled out with engraving.

We're here to help you explore our personalized options for jewelry to signify your love story, celebrate a milestone, or wear your love story spelled out on your finger. 

Engraved Signets


Be bold with your heirloom - our line of signet rings come in five different shapes and are all solid, recycled 14K gold. Engrave a family letter to pass down for generations, or go more personal and engrave your zodiac constellation with two small diamonds set as stars. There are so many options, especially with our biggest golden canvas.

Rolo Bar Bracelet

Our striking, thicker chain variation paired with a wider bar of our Rolo Bar Bracelet is perfect to engrave for names, mottos, and intentions to wear your heart on your wrist. 

Initial Ring

Made by hand in our Seattle studio, the 14K Gold Engraved Initial Ring is a daintier, stackable version of a signet with just the right amount of space for a meaningful letter in a romantic script, or even an adorable feline face if you’re a proud cat parent.

Wedding Bands

Inside ring engraving is available on rings 2mm or wider. A sweet and sentimental place to hide an important date or phrase with meaning to you. Note that inside ring engraving pops the most on our widest bands because the text can be larger, too. 

Engraved Charm Necklace

A VM classic, engraved charm necklaces let you layer with other chains, or wear beautifully as a sweet and simple standalone necklace. Available in two charm sizes, Large and Small.

As a small business, we’ve been thrilled to bring our engraving in-house with the use of a laser engraver recently acquired in mid-2020. We offer two different fonts for words and letters and are open to other engraving styles or images by request by reaching out to