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October Birthstone - Opal

October 15, 2019 1 min read

Opal ring, October birthstone

This month marks the celebration of a precious gem called Opal. Primarily sourced from Australia, this gemstone can also be found in Mexico, Brazil, Ethiopia, and even parts of the United States.

Throughout history, this stone has always been associated with love, compassion and good luck. The flashing colors displayed on the opal are referred to as opalescence, and are best viewed against dark backgrounds.

It should be noted that opals are a very sensitive stone, and should be worn with special attention and care. Opals are so sensitive that it is possible to for them to crack, break or even dry out if not taken good care of over time. We don't recommend them for engagement rings since they are so sensitive but they can still be part of heirloom jewelry pieces if they are well taken care of. 


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