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Mom Stories in Gold

May 03, 2021 6 min read

Mom Stories in Gold

At Valerie Madison, we love being able to provide a destination for swoon-worthy gifts for your big moments and for the most important people in your lives -  whether that be your significant other, your best friend, yourself, or of course a parent. With Mother’s Day just around the corner,  our own moms, aunties, grandmothers, and maternal figures have been on our minds. Mothers give so much to their children throughout their lives outside of just material gifts: education, senses of humor, character traits, traditions, and we wanted to dig a little deeper. So we asked our staff: what’s the most meaningful gift your mom has ever given you?Our team responded with tales from their childhoods, sentimental stories of optimism, and deep appreciation for their mothers’ smiles and small gestures over the years. Read on below for the full compilation from our wonderful team sharing sweetness from their relationships with their moms.

What can you give the person who’s given you so much? We know moms can be especially challenging to shop for, and finding just the right gift can be a unique obstacle. We’ve got you, though, and have curated a collection of fine jewelry pieces especiallyFor Mom

Megan, Customer Service Specialist

Throughout the pandemic, Megan has stayed connected with her mom through creative activities such as gardening, paddleboarding and walks on Mercer Island. Last Mother’s Day she gave her mom an illustration of the two of them from the previous Christmas– an extra sweet gift since they couldn’t be together in person.

When Megan and her mom Dana visited her grandmother in Florida for her 18th birthday, they went parasailing. “My mom is afraid of heights, but decided when I was about 18 that she wanted to make a bucket list. She has since crossed off several things including, visiting the Grand Canyon, riding a horse, and ziplining!” 

When asked“What’s the most meaningful gift your mom ever gave you?” Megan responded with deep appreciation for the ways in which her mom gives gifts to her, whether it’s sending gifts in series while Megan was in college, making something homemade, or choosing something from her Pinterest board specifically. 

My mom has always prided herself on making me feel like I’m home no matter where I’m celebrating a holiday or milestone….She goes the extra mile to send it, or give it in a way that makes it feel like she’s standing there smiling and saying “Open it! I can’t wait!” 

Megan says that the extra special emphasis her mom puts on gifts always makes events like birthdays and holidays during COVID seem so much less shocking no matter the distance. 

Liz, Head of Sales

Liz’s manicures (from Toni Berry) are always the talk of the town, and are Valerie Madison superstars of their own accord. She shared how the act of self-care is a habit that her mother Mariela has helped to instill in her and has helped to teach her the value of it. 

My mom would give me manicures and pedicures and taught me about them as a form of self-care. It’s not a physical gift but something I remember each time I dedicate time for myself. We always get our nails done together when we see each other.”

Mariela is a huge ice cream fan, and Liz shipped her 4 pints of Jeni’s ice cream for her birthday last year! 

Amara, Sales Associate

Amara thanks her mom for her optimism as the greatest gift  she has ever given her. To illustrate just how powerful her mother’s optimism is, she shared with us the story of when her mother was pregnant with Amara and Amara’s twin sister, Alissa. Three months into the pregnancy, Amara and Alissa were diagnosed with twin to twin transfusion syndrome, a condition that gave them an 8% chance of both living. Amara’s mom flew out to see specialists in Ohio and was ordered bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy. The Air Force nurses declared that positivity would go a long way - and it did, along with the care of the NICU team. Amara and her twin Alissa were born three months later, and each weighed just over 1 pound. 25 years later, they are both doing well on their own journeys and with the same level of optimism that kept their mother buoyed through her pregnancy.

Amara knows her mom’s favorite gifts always involve something homemade, like art, crafts, or a delicious homemade meal. Amara and her sisters use their artistic talent to create incredibly meaningful gifts for their mom every year- Alissa is an artist, Amara dabbles in painting, and their elder sister is a fabulous cook. 

Laura, Content Creator

Laura is responsible for the glimmering, glittery, and breathtaking photos across Valerie Madison Jewelry’s digital presence. Her creative side didn’t happen overnight, and has been nourished by her parents throughout her life. Her parents set up a darkroom in their basement for photography when she was younger so she could pursue her passion.

Laura credits her education as one of the greatest gifts her mother ever gave her. She taught her the value in thinking critically and outside of the box. She also gifted Laura her passionate enthusiasm for art. Laura was lucky enough to be gifted with art supplies and the invaluable free time to paint, draw and create growing up.

Adriana, Digital Marketing Specialist

To Adriana, it’s truly the small gestures that count the most and that over time have left the deepest impression. Throughout her childhood, her mom helped to create small, fun holiday traditions like baking Christmas cookies - which was an entire production in their household. When Adriana’s older brothers grew too old to dedicate hours and hours to colorful frosting, her mom would still make the effort to get out the right tablecloth and spend the evening baking and decorating.

Every time Adriana flew back to school after spending holidays with her family, she'd inevitably find little cards and handwritten notes in her luggage that her mother had secretly hidden.  “It was such a loving gesture to stumble upon when I was unpacking, right when she knew I would be the most homesick.” Small, sweet gestures like cards and long phone calls have kept Adriana and her mom close throughout the pandemic, keeping their bond strong even though it’s been a long time since they’ve seen each other in person.

Lauren, Staff Gemologist and Sales Associate

Grit, hard work, high tea: just a few  things that Lauren has learned to appreciate from her mom, Mary. Lauren and her mom love trying new places for high tea together while on vacation. They took a girls’ trip to NYC in 2019 where they enjoyed high tea at the Plaza Hotel where they dressed to the nines and sipped on champagne with their tea. They strolled through Central Park after laughing and smiling with macarons in hand. 

Lauren and Mary both love giving and receiving gifts to show their love, and know the joy of finding the perfect gift. Lauren has gifted herself and her mom matching gold necklaces with little tags engraved with “like mother, like daughter”

Her drive and ambition are the greatest gifts that Lauren has learned from her mom. Mary doesn’t let anything stand in her way, when she wants something she knows the hard work and grit it takes to get there. “My mom is the hardest working woman I have ever met and she constantly inspires me to follow my dreams. Because of her, I am a better person.”

Valerie, Owner and Head Designer

Valerie has credited some of her favorite character traits to her mom–  including curiosity for the natural world. Maria encouraged this curiosity when they would collect and examine rocks together when Valerie was little. Little did they know that those precious moments would lead to the sapphires and diamonds that Valerie works with these days. Valerie would often visit the library with her mom to read about dinosaurs, crystals, geology, astronomy, and wildlife.

When I was 12 she gifted me a telescope so that I could study the night sky. It was not anything expensive or fancy but I remember being able to view Saturn with its rings and my life changed in that instant. Suddenly, what seemed so distant and unrelated to me was viewable right from my living room.She fueled my curiosity by allowing me time to dive into it and it’s helped steer the course of my life. 

Maria has always enjoyed keeping beautiful houseplants, and visitors would always admire her green thumb. This year, Valerie even gifted her handmade earrings cut in the shape of a monstera leaf, one of Maria’s favorite plants (these may or may not be an upcoming Valerie Madison release, stay tuned to find out!). Maria beams every time she wears them!