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Libra Gift Guide

September 23, 2021 1 min read

Libra Gift Guide

Welcome to Libra season, dear readers. September 23rd - October 22nd is home to those who appreciate balance and harmony in all arenas of their lives. Libras love curating their spaces, value intention, and enjoy the outdoors. One of our resident Libras, Saraya - our Fulfillment Manger - especially enjoys bringing elements of greenery into her home and accessories, and puts a lot of thought into what products she buys, learning about their backgrounds and stories, in order to curate both a beautiful and cared-for environment. Both of our Libra's - Content Creator, Laura, and Fulfillment Manager, Saraya - lend a curatorial perspective to their lives, and revel in their own aesthetic and tastes.

Shop our Libra approved gift guide below!

  1. Mini Moon Wallet from Tree Fairfax, each piece is made to order and hand stitched by Tricia, the owner of this Black-owned business.
  2. Mia Ohki Art Print, a whimsical addition to any gallery wall!
  3. X & O 14K Gold Studs from VM, a pair of dainty and versatile classic studs.
  4. Frankie & Jo's 2 Month Pint Club Subscription, a guaranteed fun sweet delivered right to their door is a unique way to treat your Libra.
  5. Eternity Bracelet appointments at Valerie Madison, the ultimate friendship bracelet experience!
  6. Kurouto Kitchen Wooden Cutting Board, this beautiful piece can double as a serving platter and cheeseboard!
  7. Olivine Love & Salt Beach Hair and Body Mist, style your hair with just the right amount of salt.
  8.  Paddywax Lavender & Thyme Ceramic Candle, this soothing candle comes in a ceramic holder, perfect for reusing after the candle has burned away.