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How to find your ring size

March 29, 2017 2 min read

How to measure your ring size

Whether you're trying to surprise your beloved or want to find a ring for yourself, sizing is very important. Having the ring fit just right the first time is an amazing feeling! There are many DIY methods out there but the only way to find your size accurately is to be sized by a professional jeweler. If you are in the Seattle area, you can visit my studioto be sized at no charge. 

If you're in a pinch or don't live near a jeweler, you may be able to find your size if you order your own ring sizer online. If you're trying to be sneaky, there is also an adjustable plastic ring sizer available that works more like a belt by cinching around the finger. They aren't as precise as a metal ring sizer is but they will give you a good approximation. These adjustable ring sizers are available on Amazon here. It's a good idea to double or triple check your sizing with a jeweler for the most accurate results as all tools may vary slightly. 

How to measure your ring size

You can see that I'm measuring as a size 6.

What if I want the ring to be a surprise?

Talk to your beloved's best friends and family, they might already know their size. If your partner wears rings already, check to see if one of them is worn on their ring finger (or whichever finger you intend for them to wear it on). You can borrow the ring when they aren't wearing it and take it to a jeweler to check the size. Can't take the ring for too long? Take an imprint of it in something soft like clay or a bar of soap. We can make a good guess from there. 

My advice regarding ring sizing:

Never use a print-at-home ring sizer that you can find online or a piece of string. A measurement taken from a string or piece of paper will give you a ball park idea but these don't behave like metal on your finger so it's not an accurate method.

Never measure with a string

When it comes to ring sizing, there are also a few factors to consider. Wider bands (6mm and up) will feel tighter since more metal is constricting the skin. A professional jeweler can size you with an appropriate wider ring sizer to compensate. 

Some people have slim, bony fingers and this is problematic for some ring styles as they will spin around your finger. Since a ring has to be large enough to slide over the knuckle, sizing balls or a sizing bar solder to the base of the ring will help eliminate the problem of the ring sliding around. 

What if the ring I order doesn't fit?

We usually have options for resizing if there are areas of the ring that don't have stone settings in them. Contact us any time if you have questions about the process or want to know before placing your order online. 

What do do if your ring gets stuck?

Soap and cold water will help a ring come off easier. Stay calm and gently work the band in a twisting motion over your skin and knuckles. Other creative lubricants include olive oil or baby oil. Remember, don't panic!