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Holiday Gift Guides

November 17, 2021 3 min read

Holiday Gift Guides

The holidays are here, which means the time has come to shop for all the lovely folks in your life - and yourself, of course! You and your loved ones probably encompass a wide range of personalities, senses of humor, and aesthetics. How could you possibly find the perfect earrings for your best friend in another state, the exact necklace your mom would adore, or the right bracelet for your favorite cousin? Don't fret, we're here to provide some inspo on fine jewelry gifting for everyone in your life from the adventurous souls to the romantic dreamers no matter what place they hold in your life.

Read on below for personalities we've teased apart and a handful of select jewelry pieces that we've curated for each archetype and get shopping!

For the Trailblazers

Boldly alternative and unafraid to try on fresh looks ahead of the crowd. They’re individualistic and can lean into darker, perhaps more architectural jewelry to play well with their adventurous wardrobe.


Products include: Black Diamond Super Nova, Zodiac Charm Necklaces, Black Diamond Studs, Bar Link Threaders, Duo Bracelet, and Rolling Rings

For the Dreamers

For the lovers of fresh bouquets in every season, for the ones who have romantic comedies in their Netflix queue, and who revel in gentler, soft shades in their sweaters - these pieces will complement a sweet personality with a taste for subtle sparkle to accessorize their daydreaming.


 Products include: 14K Engraved Initial Rings, Diamond Kiss Stacking Rings, X & O Studs, Chain Link Hoop Earrings, Diamond Meridian Earring, and Wild Claw Opal Rings.

For the Visionaries

Geared toward forward-thinkers who value bold looks and even bolder accessories to match. They’re thinking ahead of the rest and outside of the box, and live by the mantra of “go big or go home.” For fine jewelry this translates to luxe, sleek, and modern pieces.



Products include: Carved Tag Necklace, Peak & Valley Bands, Tapered Cigar Band, Signet Rings (link to collection), Bar Link Stud Earrings, Rolo Bar Bracelet

For the Classics

Made for those who appreciate timeless, trend-defying jewelry, these pieces are Valerie’s signature takes on the classic, most essential pieces for any fine jewelry collection. They make the perfect foundation for fresh fine jewelry collectors, or a fantastic new addition to a well-seasoned jewelry box.


Products include: Flat Link Chain Necklace, Faceted Stacking Ring, Diamond Studs (2mm, 3mm, and 5mm), 14K Engraved Letter Charm Necklaces, Rosecut Diamond Solitaire Necklace, Tapered Hoops - Large and Small

For the Nature-Inspired

For the fine jewelry lovers who believe that less is more, these dainty showstoppers highlight handcrafted details of each VM piece. They make a special nod to nature’s greatest gifts with the likenesses of monstera deliciosain 14K gold, a solar-inspired diamond band, and tourmaline rings that are everyday odes to the natural gems that come from our precious planet.


Products include: Monstera Studs, 2mm Birch Band, Solstice Diamond Band, Montana Sapphire Necklace, Tourmaline Rings, Sunburst Earrings

Stocking Stuffers - Under $500

Perfect for anyone and everyone, these minimalist jewelry pieces are sure to delight and are essentials for a bit of everyday luxury. Plus, they won’t break the bank to treat your favorite folks to their best gift of the year! 


Products include: Everyday Stud Sets, Gold Medium Hoops, Tiny Diamond Ring, Anchor Studs, Baby Box Chain, 3mm Birthstone Studs