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Heirloom Diamond Reworks

May 19, 2021 4 min read

Heirloom Diamond Reworks

From the very beginning of our design process, each Valerie Madison ring is handcrafted to withstand life’s everyday wear and tear, and is infused with structural integrity in mind. We bring this sustainable ethos to our Heirloom Diamond Rework Offering. The diamonds our team has worked with in this offering are windows into the stone’s own unique history. Our staff loves being able to examine the difference between a more modern cut vs an old mine cut, and the opportunity to set an older cut diamond into one of our modern settings for a completely refreshed ring.

What is an Heirloom Diamond Rework

Our Heirloom Diamond Reworks allow you to use the diamonds that have been passed down or gifted to you and transform them into the ring of your dreams. Heirloom rings are either deconstructed from an original ring separating the usable diamond from the setting and then resetting that diamond into an entirely fresh Valerie Madison style, or we can set a loose heirloom diamond into a VM setting. 

Heirloom Diamond Reworks renew rings with contemporary life. For example, we’ve reset a diamond from a simple solitaire heirloom ring into our modern and dazzling Selena setting, pictured below, with a double halo of Canadian melee diamonds for that extra sparkle to last generations.

Reuse your old diamond in an engagement ring!

Provided that your heirloom diamond meets certain conditions, we’ll work with you one-on-one to set it in one of our signature Valerie Madison engagement ring settings. We understand that making use of an heirloom diamond can add a deeply sentimental dimension to an engagement ring, and we take every measure to ensure its safety along the way.

What is accepted for an Heirloom Diamond Rework?

First, let’s walk through what requirements a diamond must meet before we accept it for our Heirloom Reworks. We accept Heirloom Diamonds only, meaning they must have been handed down to you in some way. It is not our policy to allow customers to shop for their own diamonds and bring them to us for setting in our rings. A part of the Valerie Madison custom experience is selecting a stone that we source for you because we have training and sourcing expertise to find the best options. However, we understand the sentimental value in utilizing an Heirloom Diamond and are happy to take on select cases within our Heirloom Diamond Rework offering provided the diamonds meet the following criteria:

  • 0.50 carat or larger
  • SI2 or higher clarity
  • must be individually assessed by a third-party qualified jewelry appraiser or graduate gemologist within the last 5 years (with plotting preferred).  Two local organizations that provide appraisals and are recommended by Valerie Madison’s staff gemologist Lauren areGemological Consulting Services (Seattle) and theNorthwest Gemological Laboratory (Bellevue). 

If a diamond does not meet all three of these criteria, we cannot accept it for an Heirloom Diamond Rework. We do not accept gemstones at this time for reworks.

How does it work?

If your diamond meets all of the necessary requirements, our gemologist Lauren will guide you through further details of the heirloom rework process. This process is similar to our custom orders with some additional requirements. Read through the start of the process below:

Step one: If your stone meets the above requirements, please send an email with the appraisal attached to custom@valeriemadison.com

Step two: Lauren will review the diamond's specs and let you know if it qualifies for an in-house gemologist assessment. This non-refundable assessment does not guarantee VM will be able to use your stone, but allows Lauren an opportunity to assess the diamond on a detailed level and determine if it’s fit for an Heirloom Rework.

For the assessment, local customers can make an appointment to bring the stone into our Seattle studio and go through the assessment together with Lauren. Remote customers will pay for shipping the diamond to our studio in Seattle.

A couple of common disqualifications:

  • If the stone is in a setting and cannot be safely removed due to its inclusions which causes high risk of stone breakage
  • If the stone quality is not up to gemologist standards for resetting upon assessment

Step three: If the appraised diamond passes the in-person assessment, the customer should have their preferred VM setting chosen. A design consultant can help you choose the best setting for your diamond that meets your desired aesthetic while also taking comfort and functionality into consideration. We offer settings in 14K yellow, 14K white, 14K rose, 18K yellow, and platinum. Then, the customer signs the Heirloom Rework Liability contract and leaves the stone with the VM team. 

Since we only offer the Rework service on heirloom diamonds, we will return the setting and any small diamonds to the customer as these will not be reused. 

From here, the Heirloom Diamond Rework process will follow the standard steps in our 6-8 week custom order process, which you can read about in-depthhere.

Once your ring is finished, you may opt to purchase a VM appraisal conducted by our staff gemologist for $100. This appraisal may be used by your insurance company to provide coverage for your ring. 

Fees Overview:

  • Nonrefundable assessment fee: $50
  • Unsetting/Resetting Fee: $100
  • Settings price vary starting at $1,600 

Other fees to consider:

  • Shipping fees for remote customers to send their stones in
  • Optional appraisal fee: $100

Are you ready to begin your Heirloom Rework?
Email us at custom@valeriemadison.com to get started.