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December Birthstone – Turquoise, Tanzanite, Zircon

December 01, 2019 2 min read

December Birthstones: turquoise, tanzanite, & zircon

White & Yellow Gold Tanzanite Diamond Kiss Rings

Did you know that blue is the most popular favorite color in the world? It’s no surprise why: blue is the perfect shade for calming the mind and body. It’s tranquil, reminding us of both clear sunny skies and calming lakes and ocean waves, and associated with almost every positive quality you can imagine, such as wisdom, loyalty, and intelligence. If you’re a lover of blue and a December baby, you’ve struck gold this month—because you get not one, not two, butthreebirthstone options.


Tanzanite Diamond Kiss Ring

All tanzanite comes from one place on Earth, and you can probably guess where based on the name: Tanzania! This remarkable stone is befitting of royalty, displaying distinctly separate colors depending on how you’re viewing the gem. This is a special optical property called pleochroism, and due to it, tanzanite ranges from deep, saturated blue to rich indigo—or even violet with cool undertones!


Blue Zircon
Blue Zircon Diamond Kiss Ring

Zircon comes in an array of colors, but it’s the vivid cyan-blue variety that has the honor of being a birthstone. Although often mistaken for cubic zirconia, this blue-tiful beauty is a different gemstone entirely—and a worthy one in its own right. One look at blue zircon will have you wishing you’d discovered it sooner, especially since it’s rumored to draw riches, honor, and wisdom to the wearer.


Turquoise Diamond Kiss Ring

Perhaps the most recognizable gemstone, turquoise has captivated us for centuries with its vibrant, azure hue, often described as that of a robin’s egg. This gem has held significance to many, including the Ancient Egyptians, who believed turquoise held transcendental powers. Its alleged abilities are many, but you’ll have to find out yourself what kind of magic turquoise can work in your life.


If you’re looking for a gift for yourself or for that special Sagittarius or Capricorn in your life, our turquoise, tanzanite, and blue zircon stackable rings are just the thing for them. Whether worn alone or added as the finishing touch to a set of stackables, the cool hues of these rings are sure to leave them anything but blue are sure to leave them anything but blue.