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Custom Design: a modern sapphire cluster ring for Akay

May 04, 2018 1 min read

Blue sapphire cluster ring

Akay is a lovely soul I crossed paths with when she was visiting Seattle from Chicago. Akay expressed interest in working together to create a cluster engagement ring with modern appeal. She only required that her ring feature a teal/blue oval sapphire and white gold. Akay gave me artistic license to create a few options for layouts that featured a large oval accompanied by an array of cluster options. 
jewelry design sketch
I made a sketch of layout options for Akay and she chose option 3 with a few adjustments made for stone sizes. After she confirmed her selection, I worked with my CAD artist (CAD stands for Computer Aided Design) to turn these sketches into a 3D rendering. 
CAD modeling of a sapphire ring
CAD modeling of a sapphire ring
These renderings allowed me to show Akay how her ring would look once finished. At this stage we can make any adjustments if our clients want some changes. Akay approved the design and we cast her ring in 14K white gold, polished it up, and set her assortment of hand-picked gems.

The result was a stunning, unique, and beautiful ring. I know she's going to receive lots of compliments on it! 
Custom sapphire cluster engagement ring
Teal Sapphire Engagement Ring by Valerie Madison

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