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Autumn Engagement Ring Trends

September 09, 2021 2 min read

Autumn Engagement Ring Trends

As summer winds down, we’re getting ready for the return of cozy sweaters, brisk breezes, and in the Pacific Northwest - the beginning of gentle rains. With this new season, our expert Sales Team is forecasting new trends for engagement rings. Valerie loves to lean lightly into trends she sees while keeping a timeless quality to her designs to ensure they stand the test of trend cycles.

Many of our couples gear up to propose in the autumn or early winter - think a fall hike or surrounded by family and loved ones during the holidays. Knowing what you’re looking for in an engagement ring - especially a custom one- can help ease the buying process and ensure you’re ready to roll for your proposal. Read on below for what the Valerie Madison team sees as being beloved design elements of engagement rings for the fall 2021 season.

  1. Pear Shaped Engagement Rings: Pears are here to stay! This engagement ring trend really took off over the last few years and has been gaining steam ever since. Celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Sophie Turner sport pear-shaped diamonds in their rings. Pear-shaped stones offer the unique advantage of elongating your finger due to their longer teardrop shape, and may appear larger than a comparable carat size in a round shape. They are easily becoming a modern classic both in and out of celebrity circles while offering a departure from more traditional stone shapes
  2. Teal Sapphires: Sapphires are one of the most durable stones after diamonds making them strong enough for a lifetime of daily wear. Teals are always a great pick for a fall proposal to lean into cooler tones. Each color brings a unique beauty with the many shades that exist on a teal spectrum - from a greenish teal that could blend into an ocean wave to a lighter blue teal that might more readily evoke cloudless spring skies or alpine lakes.
  3. Terracotta Sapphires: Terracotta sapphires and autumn are truly a match made in heaven. Terracotta sapphires are really going to take off this coming fall as a natural evolution from peachy pink sapphires into deeper tones mirroring what color stories we see in nature. Terracotta sapphires pack a punch with their unique blend of orange and deeper red tones and are wonderfully complemented by yellow gold.
  4. Brown Diamonds: Brown Diamonds bring together the best of both worlds: the strongest most durable stone and more autumnal tones. Similar to the terracotta sapphire, brown diamonds are naturally complemented by yellow gold and look beautiful on a wide variety of skin tones.