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August Birthstone - Peridot and Spinel

August 28, 2019 1 min read

August birthstones peridot & spinel

Peridot Diamond Kiss Ring

It's luscious green color is thought to bring good fortune and is connected with the heart chakra bringing openness and positive energy. Or just good for fans of the color green! 
Peridot has traditionally been the birthstone for August. 

However, in the recent years, Spinel gemstones have become the latest stone to represent the month of August! Predominantly found and mined in Southeast Asia, spinel has also been found in Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, Nepal, and many other countries around the world. 


Spinels photo via Stuller


Throughout ancient history, spinel has been mistaken for rubies and sapphires due to its similar color traits of vibrant reds and pinks. Spinels also come in a variety of other colors ranging from cobalt blue, greenish blue, lavender, mauve, yellow, bright orange, and black. 

Bella Spinel Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Our favorite type of spinel to use is that of the lavender variety like our Bella Spinel Cluster Engagement Ring with a gorgeous cushion spinel highlighted by dainty diamonds on either side. Because spinel is an 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness it makes for a long-lasting engagement ring gemstone and has a more approachable price point than diamonds or other gems.

Design Your Own Spinel Engagement Ring

Feeling creative? You can now design your own ring with our hand-picked spinels in our Design Your Own Ring Feature. What will you create?