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5 Tips for Storing Your Fine Jewelry like a Pro

February 16, 2022 2 min read

5 Tips for Storing Your Fine Jewelry like a Pro

You’ve just invested in your first (or second, or third) fine jewelry piece, now it’s time to ensure you keep those dazzling gems and precious metals safe so they can shimmer for lifetimes to come. We often get questions on how to best maintain and store heirloom-quality fine jewelry.  We’ve covered the bases, fromhow to clean your ring at home in the midst of the Covid pandemic, toif your ring should be insured. So now let’s dive into five insider tips on how to protect your jewelry when you’re not wearing it.

  1. Think Inside the Box:First, you’ll need a precious place to keep your treasures. You can find storage solutions from Amazon / The Container Store to luxe versions like Troveboxes and Wolf. Whichever you choose for your budget, look for soft velvety interiors, multiple dividers, and ample room to keep gems from scratching one another.

  2. Categorize / Compartmentalize: Precious gems and metals have varying degrees of hardness. Meaning that storing items together can result in devastating and irreparable damage to your stones. Protect each piece by separating all gemstone jewelry and giving each item it’s own special place in your jewelry box. Separate your gemstones and diamonds. First off, you want to make sure your diamonds won’t scratch your other jewelry. Since they are the hardest on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, diamonds will be able to scratch other gemstones, gold, or even other diamonds. Especially if you have a custom ring, you don’t want your handpicked diamond to lose any of its dazzle.

  3. Avoid tangles:Keep your necklaces clasped to avoid the headache of detangling. You can also try the straw trick, especially when traveling, or if you really want to avoid a mess, slide a necklace into a slim plastic baggie and keep the clasp out this is how we keep your necklaces from getting tangled in our shop so it’s a really jewelry pro hot tip!

  4. Store earrings with backs: Never go looking for a missing ear back again - keep the backs on your earrings for easy access. Plus, you can even loop studs together through the back so you keep the pair together.

  5. Travels with you: You’re likely going to travel and want to take some of your precious jewels with you. Opt for a small zippered case when packing so your treasures will be easy to access and secure at your destination.