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2021 Leo Gift Guide

July 28, 2021 1 min read

2021 Leo Gift Guide

Shop a selection of gifts curated by our resident Leo's, Lauren and Sue! They share the same birthday on August 13th, and showcase the very best of all Leo personality traits.

Leos are generous, confident, and fiercely protective of their people. Lauren, VM’s Sr. Custom Sales Specialist and Gemologist, appreciates the drive and loyalty that come with this zodiac. Sue is our Operations Manager, and says that this role suits her as a Leo because the overarching priority of Operations is protecting the company’s most valuable assets: its people and financial viability.

Go ahead and embrace your own Leo traits with these pieces, and find the best things to gift the beloved Leos in your own life.

1. VM Zodiac Sign Necklace and Constellation Necklace
2. Coco Rose Exfoliating Body Scrub from Herbivore
3. A box of cookies from Low Rider Cookie Co
4. The Mani System from Olive and June
5. Trove Jewelry Box - both beautiful and functional
6. Meet friends to SUP on Portage Bay followed by homemade margaritas
7. Fleur de Peau Perfume from Diptyque
8. A pair of Oh Yeah Panther Ugg Slippers inspired by their wild side
9. Leo’s love a reason to dress up, so VM's Rose Cut Diamond Threaders are a must.
10. Gift plants from Glasswing Greenhouse in Seattle