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1 carat vs 1.5 carat - which is a good size for you?

March 17, 2018 1 min read

1 carat vs. 1.5 carat sized stones

One of the first decisions you'll need to make when choosing you or your beloved's ring is the stone size. I find that my most popular requested sizes currently are 1 carat or 1.5 carat. Is there a large visual difference between these sizes? Yes! This difference may be more or less prominent depending on your individual hand size, the type of setting you choose, and the color gemstone you select.

Shown in the photos above and below is my Aura bezel engagement ring in 1 carat and 1.5 carat sizes. Bezels are a great way to protect your stone from all sides and they also seem to add a bit to the diameter of your stone. 

bezel engagement ring

The right size for you will depend on your budget and personal preferences. In the modeled photos are my own hands and I wear a size 4.25 ring. For small hands, I think 1 carat is sufficient in size and not too large. For slightly bigger hands, you can opt for a larger stone for balanced proportions but again, these are only recommendations and you should pick whatever you like best!

I was curious what my Instagram followers think and posted a quick poll to get their opinions. It turns out that many people preferred the 1 carat over the 1.5 carat. Its certainly not representative of everyone but interesting nonetheless. 

1 carat vs 1.5 carat

If you are in the Seattle area, please feel free inquire about visiting my jewelry studio to see these sizes in person. It's much easier to decide what is best for you after seeing it on your own hand!